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Extended Service Agreement

Give yourself the confidence that your ASHOK® equipment will run as strong and capable as the first day you bought it by investing in a "Extended Service Agreement".
This service agreement is add on product and attracts cost. Customer can choose 
the level and frequency of service required. To find out more about the cost and 
other information please contact our support department on or call us on: 9851002878
The following elements will be serviced by our full time ASHOK®service 
technician under service agreement. 
 Bearings
 Pulleys
 Weight stack pin
 Cables & Belt
 Lubricate head plate & bearings
 Clean & tube guide rods
 Grease bearings
 Test machine
 Check and lubricate drive belt
 Re-assemble & test machine
 Grips
 Inspect general condition
At this point of time the agreement only serves product manufactured by ASHOK®
Other third party products not manufactured by us but supplied by ASHOK®
Gym will be serviced according to manufacturers policy.