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About Us

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ASHOK is a Nepal’s first top quality fitness equipment manufacturer. The company started in 1997 making ASHOK the longest established fitness equipment manufacturer in Nepal. Despite having a strong competition from overseas supplier, we have succeeded to serve our local market for all these years, turned peoples dream come true without having to spend fortune.

As well as providing high quality fitness experience, we also provide support service, which ensures that ASHOK is here for you every step of the way. With ASHOK as your gym equipment supplier you have the assurance that you will have assistance with everything from pre-sales to after sales support, including facility design, member attraction initiative, financing and unbeatable price.


Despite sales over all parts of Nepal, ASHOK has one of the smallest marketing and sales departments. The company philosophy has always been to put marketing dollars into product and let the product sell itself.  This has helped us to build our reputation the way we build our products.


Our reputation is built upon two factors - a highly efficient production process and after sales service committed to taking care of the customer for the life of the product.